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Against Young Bird Sickness

More information on adenosan


Bacterial infections of the gastro-intestinal tract, caused by gram positive and gram negative pathogens which are sensitive to ampicillin

More information on ampicillin-t


Hairworm, roundworm, and tapeworm infestations

More information on ascapilla®+


Acute and chronical diseases of the respiratory tract, especially of the upper respiratory organs, accompanied with rhinitis, conjunctivitis, tracheitis and air sac inflammation, as well as pneumonia

More information on aviosan


Treatment of mucosal mycosis (candidosis), fungal and yeast infestation of the digestive tract.

More information on candioferm


Treatment and prevention of respiratory tract infections caused by bacterias and/or viruses, especially of the upper respiratory organs

More information on chevicet®-t


Treatment and prevention of trichomoniasis (canker) and/or Hexamitiasis

More information on chevi-col®


Improvement of performance during competitions

More information on chevi-duran®


To balance the electrolyte and energy metabolism

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More information on chevi-kok®


Infections of the respiratory tract, especially of infections caused by mycoplasms as well as infections caused by E.coli, Haemophilus gallinarum or Pasteurella

More information on chevimulin-t


Pigeon pox live vaccine - Active immunisation of pigeons to pox virus infection (diphtheria in pigeons)

More information on chevipok®


Pharyngeal spray against infections of the upper respiratory organs, e.g. rhinitis

More information on chevi-rhin


Activation and stabilisation of metabolism during mating; after weaning, during racing season, during molting, after disease

More information on chevi-san


Control of ectoparasites (red mites, ticks, fleas, lice, plumage lice)

More information on chevi-tren


Inactivated Paramyxovirus Vaccine

More information on chevivac-P200


Salmonella typhimurium live vaccine for s.c.injection

More information on chevivac-S


Bacterial infections, caused by pathogens which are sensitive to chloramphenicol, e.g. salmonellosis, infectious coryza; as well as infections of the gastro-intestinal tract, the respiratory tract, and systemic infections (septicaemia)

More information on chloramphenicol-N


Disinfectant concentrate for the control of bacteria, viruses, mycoplasms and fungi in pigeon lofts

More information on desinfectans


Treatment of Ornithosis, as well as bacterial infections of the gastro-intestinal tract, caused by Salmonella typhimurium var. Copenhagen, which are sensitive to doxycycline.

More information on doxycyclin-t


Salmonellosis / paratyphus, general bacterial infections, support of metabolism and bodily resistance

More information on furazolidon-t

ins 15

Insecticidal concentrate with immediate and long-term action, for use in pigeon lofts

More information on ins 15


For the stabilization of the intestinal flora in unspecific intestinal catarrh, after deworming or coccidiosis treatment, following antibiotic therapies or chemotherapeutic treatment of salmonellosis or other bacterial intestinal infections, in stress conditions with digestive disturbances

More information on liviferm


Immunostimulant for pigeons. Prophylaxis, therapy and accompanying therapy against infectious diseases by activating and increasing para-immunity

More information on livimun®


Mineral and trace element solution to maintain health during breeding, moulting and racing season

More information on miral


Detoxication and regeneration, to improve performance after heavy muscle strain, drinking water shortage, after infections, nephrosis, organ and joint-gout, and field poisoning

More information on multivitamin+

multivitamin EB12

To maintain and strengthen performance in stress conditions, especially during races as well as vitamin consuming infections and worm infestations, to stimulate the libido and improve the fertility of parent animals

More information on multivitamin EB12


Restoration of performance, development of muscle and strength, and enhancement of fitness and stamina

More information on mycosan-tCCS


Wide spectrum disinfectant to eleminate coccidial oocysts, worm eggs, worm larvae, trichomonas as well as bacteria, viruses, and fungi in pigeon lofts

More information on parafectans


Natural nutritional supplement for pigeons and show birds to maintain health, vitality and peak performance, to support metabolism

More information on vitin®

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