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Young Bird Sickness.

Pack size:

12 sachets of 5.5 g each

Product Information


Against Young Bird Sickness

When? How often? How much? Yield
At the first signs of sickness (e.g. birds do not react to breader's voice) 5 to 7 days, once a day 1 sachet per 1 kg of feed for 20 pigeons. 12 sachets are sufficient for the daily feed ration of 240 pigeons
Accompanying the treatment against trichomonas For 7 days, once a day,
starting 3 days before treatment against trichomonas begins
At particular stress (during weaning, after the introduction of strange birds into a loft, before and after vaccination, at an heat outbreak, after training of juveniles, after young bird competitions) For 3 days, once a day

Note: Application of adenosan via the feed:
Moisten the daily feed ration of 20 pigeons with approximately 10 ml (= 1 spoon) of water, then sprinkle 1 sachet of adenosan on to the feed and mix thoroughly to ensure even distribution. Do not admix adenosan to water!

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