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Suiferm plus SID

Dietetic feed supplement

for piglets with neonatal scours

Pack size:

22 sachets of 125 g each
plus drinker

Product Information

Suiferm® plusSID - The anti-scour drink

Dietetic feed supplement for piglets with neonatal scours

Scouring (diarrhoea) is a life-threatening problem in newborn piglets. Fluid loss rapidly leads to internal dehydration and subsequently to impairment of kidney and liver function, ultimately resulting in death.

Proper rehydration plays a crucial role in restoring health. Administration of antibiotics alone often proves unsuccessful.

Suiferm® plusSID is given either alone or as adjunctive therapy for all diarrhoea-related disorders of piglets. Prompt administration reduces mortality, shortens the duration of scouring, and prevents weight loss and unthriftiness.

Suiferm® plusSID

OPTIMISED electrolyte composition ensures rapid rehydration.
HIGH BUFFER CAPACITY against acidaemia.
STABILISATION of the gut flora by the probiotic Oralin®.
ENERGY and NUTRIENTS from dextrose and whey proteins.
Plant mucilages PROTECT the intestinal mucosa. Tormentilla root, camomile, fennel and aniseed improve appetite and intestinal function.

Suiferm® plusSID:

1 sachet provides 154 mmol of buffering capacity, 2 billion CFU of viable lactic acid bacteria and a balanced composition of electrolytes.

Piglets like Suiferm® plusSID.

"Dietetic drink used to combat piglet diarrhoea"
Translation of a report published in DLZ (Deutsche Landwirtschaftszeitung)
Full article, including illustrations (PDF-File, 800 KB). For download you need Acrobat Reader

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