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Suiferm Iron Starter Set

Oral iron paste

with vitamins and lactic acid bacteria, for piglets

Pack sizes:

Starter Set:
1 x 75 ml cartridge
+ applicator (1.5 ml)

Refill Pack:
6 x 75 ml cartridges

Suiferm Iron Refill Pack

Product Information

Suiferm® Iron Paste

Dietetic complementary feed for piglets for the stabilisation of physiological digestion

Suiferm® Iron Paste, provides a high level of readily available iron and a large number of viable lactic acid bacteria, as well as vitamins.

Oral iron paste with vitamins and lactic acid bacteria, for piglets

Four important reasons for the oral application of iron in piglets:

1st The injection of iron on the 3rd day of life is often too late, as up to 60 % of the piglets are suffering from anaemia at birth, already. An injection on day 1 cannot be recommended as vitamin E, as a protective agent for the cells, is usually not available in sufficient quantity.
2nd The injection of iron has an immuno-suppressive effect. This fact has been proven scientifically.
3rd At the usual time of an iron injection piglets show the highest frequency of disease. Hence, in many cases sick piglets are treated and charged.
4th Piglets suffering from scours, at the time of an iron injection, are usually bearing faeces on their skin. This means a risk of pathogens entering the animal together with the injection.

Suiferm® Iron Paste

Paste Formulation Guarantees easy application
Excellent palatability Ensures good acceptability and uptake
Contains high levels of iron as iron-II-fumarate Iron fumarate can be absorbed by piglets at a rate of 95-99 %.*
Contains vitamins Improves the bodily resistance
Contains viable lactic acid bacteria Stabilises the intestinal micro-flora during the first days of life. Reduces risk of infection.
Storage at room temperature: shelf life 24 months Easy storage

*BRONSCH, Kurt and Klaus MÄNNER, Lehrbuch der Veterinär-Physiologie (1987), Verlag Paul Parey, Berlin und Hamburg

Suiferm® Iron Paste

Feeding instruction:
In case of risk of, during periods of, or recovery from digestive disturbance:
1 dose (1.5 ml) per piglet, to be given to piglets orally, on first or second day of life.

Paste in 75 ml (50 doses of 1.5 ml) plastic tube with nozzle, for application by commonly available dosing guns.

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