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For the reduction of the risk of ketosis (acetonaemia).

Pack size:

12 bottles of 610 g each

Product Information

Rind SchafKeto-Bovisal®

Dietetic complementary feed for dairy cows and ewes.

For the reduction of the risk of ketosis (acetonaemia).

in case of a negative energy balance, after calving
subclinical Ketosis (BHBA 0,9-1,4 mmol/l)
manifest Ketosis (BHBA > 1,4 mmol/l)
reduced feed intake and milk production
provides glucoplastic energy (3.0 MJ as sodium propionate)
Niacin, to inhibit lipolysis (breakdown of lipids) und
L-Carnitin to improve transport of fatty acids
supports ruminal function (B-vitamins and trace elements)
helps to prevent ruminal acidosis (Calcium carbonate, sodium propionate)
stimulates appetite and feed intake

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