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Enteroferm Gel

Oral probiotic gel for dogs

to stabilise the gut flora

Pack size:

20 ml

Product Information

Enteroferm® Gel

Oral probiotic gel for dogs

Enteroferm® Gel stabilises the intestinal flora and physiological digestion, in case of diarrhoea caused by feed intolerance, a disturbed intestinal flora after antibiotic treatment, after deworming, stressful conditions, change of feed or rearing.

Enteroferm® Gel contains

A viable bacterial strain of Enterococcus faecium DSM 10663 NCIMB 10415 (Oralin®) which survives passage through the stomach and multiplies in the small intestine.
High levels of the vitamins A and E, and selenium, which help to improve natural resistance and encourage an early development of the immune system.

Special features of Enteroferm® Gel

The bacteria contained in Enteroferm® Gel are protected in a gel which has particular characteristics:

- High stability

- Perfect homogenity and viscosity (no weeping, no dripping)

- Immediate release of the bacteria after administration

- Good digestibility, even for the newborn puppy

Enteroferm® Gel is tasty for dogs and tends to stick to the palate, so that dogs cannot spit it out.

The Enteroferm® Gel syringe contains ten doses and allows exact and easy dosing.

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