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Enteroferm 35 G

Probiotic powder

containing viable, lactic acid producing bacteria for calves, piglets, broilers and turkeys for fattening

Dietetic complementary feed

Pack size:

12 x 100 g

Product Information

    Enteroferm® 35 G

Dietetic complementary feed

Water soluble probiotic for calves, piglets, broilers and turkeys for fattening for the stabilisation of the intestinal flora

What is Enteroferm® 35G and how does it work?

Enteroferm® 35G is a highly concentrated and highly effective probiotic on the basis of the Enterococcus faecium DSM 10663 NCIMB 10415 (E1707) (Oralin®). In its presentation as a complementary feed, it can be applied directly by the animal producer.

Diarrhoea in young animals is a notorious problem in intensive animal production. An increased controversy over the safety and innocuousness of antibiotic growth promoters on one hand, and the desire to produce high quality food of animal origin on the other hand make microbial feed additives (probiotics) become an interesting alternative or supplement. Products based on Enterococcus faecium DSM 10663 NCIMB 10415 (E1707), like Enteroferm® 35G, have proven to be particularly effective in various animal species.

The strain of Enterococcus faecium contained in Enteroferm® 35G is absolutely safe for humans and animals and does not affect the environment.

Enteroferm® 35G provides the young animal with a high dose of viable lactic acid bacteria, that are sufficiently robust to survive the passage through the stomach. Within minutes of arriving in the small intestine they begin to multiply and double in number every twenty minutes. The lactic acid produced as a by-product from their activity acidifies the intestinal tract. Bacterial pathogens are suppressed by the acidity and their multiplication is inhibited. In addition to that antagonistic effect, Enterococcus faecium builds up a protective film covering the villi making it more difficult for pathogenic bacteria and viruses to adhere to the intestinal mucosa. This way, Enteroferm® 35G stabilizes the gut flora, which is the basis of its way of action.


To prevent intestinal disturbances in incoming calves, as well as to stabilize and/or reconstitute the gut flora after antibiotic therapy Enteroferm® 35G administered during 6 days via the beverage:

Daily requirement for 100 calves: 1 sachet (100 g)


To prevent intestinal disturbances during weaning, during growth, in incoming piglets, as well as to stabilise and/or reconstitute the gut flora after antibiotic therapy:

Inclusion rates:


Enteroferm® 35G to be given via the drinking water, during 3 days, subsequently to a prophylactic administration of antibiotics, helps to stabilise and/or reconstitute a physiological gut flora (Eubiosis):

Daily inclusion rate for 10,000 birds: 2 sachets (of 100 g each) of Enteroferm® 35G

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