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Chevivit E-Selen V fof

Improving fertility in cows

Dietetic complementary feed for cows with vitamin E and selenium

Pack size:

250 ml PET bottle with pump dispenser

DE-ÍKO-060 EU Agriculture

Product Information

For organic farming: Chevivit® E-Selen VfOf

Dietetic complementary feed for cows to support the preparation for oestrus and reproduction.

Chevivit® E-Selen VfOf may be used in organic production in accordance with Regulations (EC) 834/2007 and (EC) 889/2008.

Chevivit® E-Selen VfOf improves fertility in cows by providing high levels of vitamin E and selenium before calving until re-insemination.

Chevivit® E-Selen VfOf

for improved fertility
reduction of somatic cell count, less mastitis
reduction of the risk of hock inflammation
improved vitamin E supply to the calf (via milk)
enhanced immunity

Chevivit® E-Selen VfOf

offers numerous additional benefits:

- excellent absorption of active agents

- good palatability

- precise dosage

- easy to use via the pump dispenser

- no product wastage (binds to the feed and does not trickle through)

- excellent stability

- no storage problems for daily use

- good value and cost-efficient

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