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Chevivit E-Selen sR fOf

Vital support for calves, lambs and kids

For organic farming
Complementary feed with Vitamin E, Selenium, Vitamin A and Vitamin D3.

Pack size:

100 ml PET bottle with pump dispenser

DE-ÍKO-060 EU Agriculture

Product Information

  Chevivit® E-Selen sRfOf

Vital support for calves, lambs and kids

Complementary feed

Chevivit® E-Selen sRfOf may be used in organic production in accordance with Regulations (EC) 834/2007 and (EC) 889/2008.

As the foetuses of ruminants are scarcely supplied with Vitamin E and Selenium, young calves, lambs and kids are in need of additional nutritional support in order to avoid deficiencies and to ensure their development.

Chevivit® E-Selen sRfOf provides calves, lambs and kids with Vitamin E, Selenium, Vitamin A and Vitamin D3.

Chevivit® E-Selen sRfOf

against disturbance of the palatal reflex
for an improved muscular metabolism
to prevent nutritional muscular dystrophy ("White Muscle Disease")
for enhanced immunity
for promotion of the development of calves, lambs and kids

Chevivit® E-Selen sRfOf offers numerous practical benefits:

- good palatability

- precise dosage

- easy to use via the pump dispenser

- no product wastage (binds to the feed and does not trickle through)

- excellent stability

- no storage problems for daily use in the stall

- unbreakable, environmentally-friendly recyclable PET bottle

- good value and cost-efficient

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