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Chevivit Biotin/E

Oral Biotin Gel for horses

20 mg Biotin per dosis of 2 ml

Pack size:

250 ml bottle with pump dispenser

Product Information

Chevivit® Biotin/E

Oral gel concentrate for horses

Dull coat, and/or cracked, brittle hooves are the symptoms of Biotin deficiency. Biotin is an extremely important nutrient in hoofe care, repair and maintenance.

Chevivit® Biotin/E provides horses with 20 mg of Biotin per day.

Horses with a susceptibility to Biotin deficiency will show a marked improvement with supplementation.

Although it takes a period of several months to totally repair bad hooves, a shinier coat will be apparent in as little as five weeks.

Chevivit® Biotin/E

improve the horny structures of the horse's hoof
to improve skin and coat condition
excellent absorption of active agents = due to liquid formulation
convenvient administration = liquid formulation with pump dispenser
exact dosing = dispenser delivers exactly 2 ml per pump action
no waste of product = direct administration into the mouth; when dosed over the feed the product adheres to it, due to its formulation

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