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Boviferm ultra

Highly concentrated probiotic powder

for addition to milk replacer at time of preparation

Pack size:

10 gram foil packet, 20 packets per box

Product Information

Boviferm® ultra

Powder for use in milk replacer for calves in rearing and fattening

Boviferm® ultra provides the newborn calf with a large dose of viable lactic acid producing bacteria, that are sufficiently robust to survive the passage through the stomach. Within minutes of arriving in the small intestine they begin to multiply and double in number every 20 to 40 minutes. The lactic acid produced as a by-product from their activity acidifies the intestinal tract. Pathogenic bacteria are suppressed by the acidity and their multiplication is inhibited. The stabilization of the flora improves the physiological digestion of the milk components, leading to better feed conversion and higher performance.

Boviferm® ultra

To stabilize the healthy gut flora of incoming calves
To re-establish and stabilize the gut flora and digestion after antibiotic treatment
To enhance performance by improving feed conversion and increasing weight gain
To reduce digestion disorders when changing feed

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