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Boviferm plus SID

First choice in calf rehydration.

Electrolytes plus probiotic, plus nutrients, vitamins, minerals, mucins and bulking agents.

Pack size:

24 sachets of 115 g each

Product Information

Boviferm® plusSID

Rehydration mixed in with milk? Brilliant!

Withholding milk during calf scours is harmful. Boviferm® plusSID aids milk digestion and provides the calf with a balanced electrolyte complex as well as mucins, bulking agents, vitamins, minerals and nutrients which have additional beneficial effects in case of calf scours.

Boviferm® plusSID is brilliant

Developed to be mixed in with milk
Contains Oralin® a microbial additive that stabilises the gut flora
With an S.I.D. (Strong Ion Difference) as high as 77, it buffers metabolic acidosis better than other oral rehydration products


Boviferm® plusSID is the winner of the EUROTIER 2000 Silver Medal awarded by DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft, The German Agricultural Society) for its innovative properties.

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