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Biocolost S bottle

Immunoglobulin concentrate for piglets

Immunoglobulins in a highly concentrated, liquid form for rapid enhancement of resistance

Pack size:

250 ml (incl. 1 pump applicator)

Product Information

Biocolost® S

Immunoglobulin concentrate for piglets

Immunoglobulins in highly concentrated, liquid form providing a rapid boost of resistance in suckling piglets.

Biocolost® S
is a highly-concentrated liquid immunoglobulin preparation designed for use as a supplementary feed for piglets. The concentration of the immunoglobulins is 200 mg/dose of 2 ml. The dosing bottle, incorporating a pump dispenser, contains 250 ml and thus 125 single doses. The preparation is easy to apply, can be precisely dosed and is highly palatable for the piglets.

The formulation with the decisive advantages

highly efficacious
compensates for immune deficits immediately after farrowing and in the case of diarrhoea
highly palatable
ease of handling and precise dosing due to the pump dispenser
low volume: 125 individual doses in a 250 ml bottle
problem-free storage for daily use in the pen
unbreakable and eco-friendly recyclable PET bottle
economical and cost-efficient
Biocolost is not an organic product as laid down in Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007.

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