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Biocolost B bottle

Immunoglobulin concentrate for calves and lambs

Immunoglobulins in a highly concentrated, liquid form for rapid enhancement of resistance

Pack size:

100 ml bottle in cardboard box
(Outer packing: 24 x 100 ml)

Product Information

Biocolost® B

Immunoglobulin concentrate for calves and lambs

Biocolost® B provides newborn calves / lambs with colostral antibodies, rapidly enhancing their resistance.

Neonates possess no antibodies, but only form these in sufficient amounts after around 2 to 4 weeks. Consequently, they are reliant during the critical phase of their lives on maternal antibodies, which can only be administered to them via colostrum in the first few hours after birth. For various reasons, the colostrum that calves / lambs receive directly after birth is very often quantitatively and qualitatively inadequate. In such cases, even maternal immunisation does not have the desired effect.

Biocolost® B boosts immunity. With its high immunoglobulin (12,000 mg) and colostrum-derived maternal antibody content it is particularly suitable for the correction of immunodeficiency.

Biocolost® B is obtained from colostrum from selected and controlled herds.

Biocolost® B

boosts immunity
completes inadequate colostrum
corrects immunodeficiency immediately after birth and in animals with diarrhoea
is convenient to use
does not require prescription

Biocolost® B offers additional benefits:

Biocolost is not an organic product as laid down in Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007.

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