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TBC foci in the liver of a pigeon

Extensive greasy nodes in the liver in tuberculosis.



Tuberculosis in pigeons is an old sporadic, widespread, contagious bacterial disease.

Mycobacterium avium. In the Mycobacterium avium complex 20 serotypes are listed. Birds vary in their resistance to the different serotypes. Serotypes 1 and 2 predominate. In pigeons the infection may be ingested in dropping-contaminated soil, food, grit, or water.

Symptoms of the disease:
Insidious course of the disease over a period of weeks. Increasingly impaired general condition of some pigeons to the point of complete emaciation.
Greyish-yellow caseous nodes, particularly in liver and spleen.
Similar conditions with the organ form of trichomoniasis or salmonellosis, but there are almost always additional signs of these diseases which enable a definite diagnosis to be established.

Recognition of the disease:
In the living bird: tuberculin test
Cadaver: bacterial examination of the organs

Not advisable, since a cure is not possible.

If disease suspected, tuberculin-test with all birds. Kill affected pigeons.

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