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Aspergillus fungi in the lung of a pigeon

Fungal lawn in the lung of a pigeon.



Aspergillosis is a fungus disease of birds, animals and humans. It is usually characterized in the pigeon as a chronic infection of the lungs and air sacs. Another name for this disease is pneumomycosis.

Aspergillus fungi. They grow as multicellular, fluffy mold colonies, free-living in the soil, on vegetation or parasitic living in or on birds, animals, and humans.

Symptoms of the disease:
Respiratory form: difficulty in breathing; greenish deposits on tongue and palate.
Skin form: skin scaling off with breaking of feathers.

Recognition of the disease:
Cadaver examination: Fungal lawn in lungs.
Microscopic examination of deposits and skin scrapings.

Elimination of source of infection (e.g. mouldy feed), separation of affected birds. No treatment is recommended for Aspergillus respiratory infections in pigeons.
Skin infections can be successfully treated e.g. with copper sulfate (1:2000 dilution) or a solution of mercuric chloride (1:500 dilution).

Dry, well ventilated loft, good quality feed, administration of vitamins.

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